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NEW: Use these MS Word and Excel Cost Benefit Analysis templates to analyze, evaluate, and cost potential solutions to meet your organization’s needs. You can use this to present the costs for the design, development, installation, operation, maintenance, and disposal of the proposed system over its projected lifetime and identify the approach for the development of the system as determined in the Feasibility Study.

Software Development Templates

Looking for Software Development Templates that will save you time and money? These 30 templates will help your team write faster, save time, and complete documents ahead of schedule. You get over 570 pages of MS Word documents with instructions, sample text, charts, tables, MS Excel checklists, and MS Visio flowcharts.

The Software Development Template Pack includes 30 MS Word templates to assist your software developers, test team and technical writers during the software development lifecycle. Includes free Requirements Traceability Matrix , Data Dictionary and Excel spreadsheets.

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1. Acquisition Plan11. Database Design Document21. Risk Management Plan
2. Availability Plan12. Deployment Plan22. Setup Guide
3. Bill of Materials Template13. Design Document23. Statement of Work
4. Capacity Plan14. Feasibility Study24. Software Requirements Specification
5. Change Management Plan15. Functional Requirements25. System Boundary Document
6. Concept Proposal16. Installation Plan26. System Design
7. Configuration Management Plan17. Interface Control Document27. System Specifications
8. Conversion Plan18. Maintenance Plan28. Security Plan
9. Concept of Operations19. Needs Statement29. Transition Plan
10. Cost Benefit Analysis20. Operations Guide30. Verification Plan


Use these templates to help your Developers, Testers and Technical Writers write Database Designs, Risk Management, Deployment Guides, Setup Guides, Statement of Work, Capacity Plans, Feasibility Studies, Requirements, Change Management, Configuration Management and many others.

Use these templates to ensure your technical documents have a professional, consistent look when delivered to clients.

These templates will help your team start writing immediately. It includes:

  • Over 570 pages of MS Word documents
  • How-to instructions for writing guides
  • Sample text, charts and tables
  • Free Visio, Excel & Word samples
  • and saves time formatting and creating templates

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Use these templates to help your Developers, Software Testers and Technical Writers write Database Designs, Risk Management, Deployment Guides, Setup Guides, Statement of Work, Capacity Plans, Feasibility Studies, Functional Requirements, Change Management, Configuration Management and many other guides.

Includes free Requirements Traceability Matrix, Data Dictionary and Excel spreadsheets.


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