10 API Technical Documentation Experts

API documentation skills are increasingly in demand as businesses looked to API-ify their product lines.

If you’re interested in learning about APIs from a documentation perspective, I’d suggest you connect with the following tech writers on Twitter.

1.  David Porter – is a technical writer who shares insights and resources related to API documentation. Write and maintain API reference documentation and developer guides for Sage’s accounting and compliance as a service platform.

2. Tom Johnson – often discusses API documentation and provides valuable information for technical writers in this field. Technical writer, blogger, and podcaster. Interested in APIs, simplifying complexity, content strategy, information design, and more. 

3. Mark Wentowski – is a technical consultant concerned with ‘all things tech docs’: docs-as-code. American API Documentation Specialist / Senior Technical writer who helps API developers around the globe explain their solutions to various audiences. Primarily works with companies delivering SaaS. 

4. Shane Adams – Seasoned technical writer with an 18-year background in producing quality written content within fintech, geospatial, energy utility and marketing sectors. Proven abilities to produce all types of content to the highest quality standards for audiences ranging from non-technical to specialists. 

5. Bill Doerrfeld – is the founder of Nordic APIs and shares content about API strategies and documentation.

6. Amruta Ranade – often discusses API documentation and developer experience. Interesting YouTube channel with videos related to tech docs

7. Sarah Maddox – is a technical writer with a background in API documentation and developer experience.

8. Keith Birch – Wales-based tech writer specializes in REST API technical and UX documentation. Provides improved user accessibility to technical information. 

9. Caroline Levison – Experience in technical systems development projects, including wireline voice over packet technologies, internet security, training simulators, wireless protocol conformance testing and cloud media management. 

10. Etan Diamond – Experienced writer, editor, researcher, and technical communicator, with continuous expansion of responsibilities and skills honed through work in the government, academic, nonprofit, and hi-tech sectors.

As mentioned, I’d suggest to follow these individuals and explore their recent tweets to stay updated on API-related topics and technical writing in this field.

If I’ve missed someone, let me know.