Top 50 Technical Writers on the Web

I’ve made a list of the top 50 technical writers with a web presence. Some of these you might know, such as Darren Barefoot and Tom Johnson. I have also added some other writers from India, Russia and Israel to reach out to a wider audience. I’m sure there are others that I’ve missed. Let me know and I’ll update the list.

This week’s new additions include Alan Houser, Char James-Tanny, Cheryl Locket-Zubak , Colum McAndrew, Joe Welinske, Michael Hughes, and Paul Mueller.


Thanks to everyone who sent in other technical writers that I overlooked. I’ve now added:

Geoffrey Sauer, Addison Berry, Jean Hollis Weber, Jim Campbell, Sarah O’Keefe, Shaun McCance, Shira Stepansky, Svi Ben Elya and Scott Able

Back to the list…

Top 50 Technical Writers

In alphabetical order, here is the list.

1.  Aaron Davis and Scott Nesbitt

2.  Amanda Abelove

3.  Amy Gahran

4.  Andrew Brooke

5.  Andy Schaub

6.  Aneesha Myles Shewani

7.  Anindita Basu

8.  Anne Gentle

9.  Apoorv Durga

10.Arden Gatlin

11.Avi Aharon: GUI Yourself

12.Barbara Stuhlemmer

13.Berkun blog

14.Bill Albing

15.Bobbie Jo Morrell

17.Chris Borokowski

18.Dan Mabee

19.Darren Barefoot

20.David Farbey (updated url)

21.Dawn L. Brown

22.Dr. Macro

23.Edward W. Dodds


25.Gordon McLean

26.Heather Leigh :

27.Ivan Walsh, Ireland

28.Janet Swisher

29.KJ Maas

30.Laura Shaffer Mills

31.Liz Carver

32.Mark Glinsky

33.Mark Watson

34.Matt Anderson

35.Mike Brannon

36.Mike Unwalla

37.Paul Pehrson

38.Paul Stamatiou

39.Prakash Rangarajan

40.Robert Wisbey

41.Robert B. Stepno

42.Sarah Maddox

43.Seth Gottlieb

44.Steve Borsch

45.Steven Jong

46.Suresh Digital Dreams

47.Susanne Dyrhage

48.Tim McGuinness

49.Tom Coates

50.Tom Johnson

New Additions

51. Geoffrey Sauer, EServer Technical Communication Library

Geoffrey Sauer, for his EServer Technical Communication Library at Tom Johnson reckons that this is the most popular technical communications site in the world (

Its readership data at, shows that it serves 167,000 hits to over 22,700 visitors per day.

52. Addison Berry, Drupal documentation lead:

53. Jean Hollis Weber, documentation co-lead for

54. Jim Campbell, documentation lead for xfce desktop environment:

55. Sarah O’Keefe, Scriptorium

President of Scriptorium Publishing, setup in 1996 to provide editing and production services to technical writing departments. In 2002, Sarah received her Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) accreditation from CompTIA. Her presentations at international, national, and regional conferences (including STC, tekom, and WritersUA) have consistently earned high ratings.

56. Shaun McCance, Gnome documentation lead:

57. Esther Shira Stepansky – Technical writer, Web Site Administrator (Webmaster), and content contributor to

58. Svi Ben Elya – Founder of in Israel

59. Scott Able – The Content Wrangler

“Content management strategist and social media choreographer with strengths in helping organizations improve the way they author, maintain, publish and archive their information assets.”

Update Nov 19th

This week’s updates take up to 66, the year I was born, so that can’t be so bad.

60. Alan Houser – &

61. Char James-Tanny – &

62. Cheryl Locket-Zubak  – and

63. Colum McAndrew, The RoboColum(n) blog at

64. Joe Welinske – President of WritersUA

65. Michael Hughes –

66. Paul Mueller –

Honorable Mention

I’ve also added these three sites as, while they are a great resource. I’m not sure who the editor is. Of maybe there are several people involved. If you know, please tell me and I’ll update.

1.  Svi Ben-Elya and the Elephant organization (Thanks Svi!)

2.  DMN (Aaron Davis and Scott Nesbitt)

3.  Le Blog d’Habib (still trying to find out)

Where did this list come from?

I was preparing a report on freelance technical writers and noticed how hard it was to find technical writing sites run by writers, most were recruitment site.

So, I dug a little deeper and began to find writers here and there. There is nothing scientific in this list. It’s based purely on the websites that came up on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Other technical writers who may not have websites, such as those involved in the STC, didn’t make the cut. Nothing personal here it’s just that I have no visibility on their contribution to the tech docs industry so it’s hard to gauge their impact.