How to find technical writing work on LinkedIn

How much technical writing work have you got from LinkedIn? Let’s look at how to get more work, especially contract work, from LinkedIn.

If you’re doing some of the following, let’s stop and think a minute.

  • Are you in more than ten groups?
  • Do you post to your own profile only but not to groups?
  • Does your profile page look like a CV?
  • Are you on SlideShare?
  • Do people ask for you help?

If you answered Yes to more than two, don’t worry you’re in the boat as most people.

If the boat is not going where you want it to, here’s what to do.

1. On your LinkedIn groups

  • Contribute to 10 groups only. More than that and you lose focus.
  • Leave groups with low engagement. This video shows how to find the most useful groups on Linkedin.
  • Don’t waste time posting to your own profile. Spend your time in groups instead.
  • Aim to be a top contributor on your LinkedIn group. This video shows you how. A ‘top contributor’ is seen as a type of expert. That’s what you want to be, right?
  • Study the threads that have the most comments. Write a LinkedIn post about this. Name check people. Drop them a line and tell them that you’ve recommended and shared what they said. Most will share your article.


  • Ask questions that create conversations.
  • Ask questions that involve others.
  • Ask questions that show you’re not selling, you’re helping.

Remember, everyone else is selling.

Of course, you’re selling too. But, it’s more subtle.

You’re saying, ‘I’m here to help. Ask me anything.’

2. On your LinkedIn profile page:

  • Create a ten page white paper. Upload it and share. Make the cover page stand out. Don’t use the default page on MS Word. Make it zing!
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation, convert to PDF, and upload to SlideShare. LinkedIn owns SlideShare. Upload it and embed it into your LinkedIn profile.
  • Delete the default background image. Find something with a bit more energy. Examine the profile pages of LinkedIn stars for inspiration.
  • See the difference it makes?

3. On your LinkedIn blog page:

  • Write 10 x 300 word articles.
  • Don’t write about the tools, fads, social media, or Better Call Saul.
  • Focus on two things: making money and saving money.
  • Connect it to what you do as a technical writer. That’s your angle.

4. Summary

Study LinkedIn. Get as many ebooks as you can find. Always look for ways to get more from it.

Your aim is to build credibility. Do exceptional things that make you stand out.

Give. Be seen to be generous. Help. Avoid the haters.

Look for ways to help others. Then the emails will start to come in.

PS – when they do, be ready to respond.